IngoMobile now offers faster casco settlement

Now users can put in all known data about the second participant in the accident while filling out the application. As a result, Ingosstrakh specialists will immediately receive all the necessary information, the speed of processing applications will increase, and clients, in turn, will be able to avoid unnecessary calls from operators.

Casco is a type of car insurance that maximally protects the client's property. A client can crash into a post or a tree, get into an accident with an unscrupulous second participant who escapes from the scene of the accident, and still expect to receive insurance compensation.

This feature of casco was reflected in the settlement procedure in the application. Previously, when filling out an application, the user saw that it was not necessary to provide information about the second participant, so this step was often skipped, even if the information was known. As a result, Ingosstrakh specialists had to clarify this information separately delaying the settlement process.

In order to solve this problem, the IngoMobile team reworded the text component of the screen and slightly changed the interface. The customer is now prompted to provide all information about the second participant. So Ingosstrakh specialists can immediately receive all the necessary information, and the client, on his part, will avoid unnecessary calls from operators.


The main revision of the screen with information about the participant was the new "This is all I know" switcher. So we do not directly indicate that these data are optional, but we ask you to add them, if any. The client, in turn, is guided by the fact that these data are important and interesting, but in their absence, he may not indicate them.

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IngoMobile is the first insurance application in Russia to provide customers with a full service cycle. This is a full-fledged mobile insurance office where you can buy and renew policies, report insurance claims and settle losses, and receive qualified assistance from insurance experts. The application provides access to the main products of the company for individuals: comprehensive insurance, compulsory motor third party liability insurance, property insurance and others.

How IngoMobile transferred comprehensive car insurance and third party liability insurance loss settlement onto the web

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